About Me

Ritu Sharma is a women empowerment ambassador.

Although she is a fun loving person, she lives with a serious side to herself when it comes to women empowerment and personal development. Being an educator for first 20 years of her working life, she gained a thorough understanding (goes down to her personal interests and experiences) of how human mind works and how it can be trained to grow and stay positive.

She has co-authored in a global book project called ‘Book of Inspiration- For Women, by Women’. Her personal journey of being a ‘Rich Man’s Poor daughter’ (also name of her book published in 2017) steered her to do the work she does now. She was distraught and on verge of suicide twice in the first 37 living years of her life, before she decided to take control and bounce back!

Right now, you cannot keep her away from being an enthusiast and a total motivational freak.

In 2019, Ritu Sharma formally established a community organisation, dedicated to empowering women and giving back to the community, called Kaushalya UK.This organisation runs projects, big and small, all year round to support, uplift and bring the best out in women at professional and personal ends. Kaushalya Uk encourages women to adopt entrepreneurship and become independent financially and grow strong personally.

Ritu is a passionate entrepreneur, who has built herself up block by block. She runs a business speaking and events platform called ‘Kindle Your True Power’ along with her business partner Sam Dossa. Through this very professional platform, they provide business showcasing and speaking opportunities to business owners, influencers and entrepreneurs. Anyone seeking wide exposure should get in touch with them about their upcoming events and opportunities.

Ritu is a professional speaker who speaks and shares deepest of wisdom without reservation. She adds humour and engagement to any event, no matter how big or small. Her delivery is motivational, inspirational and kindles people’s true power. She can be booked for motivational speaking engagements, workshops, corporate and all kinds of fabulous events.

Let's Talk

Work with me one to one, private and confidential or as part of a small group. The choice is yours. I provide support to people at all phases of their professional and personal life. If you are ready to make the change and open the door to new opportunities, to improve the quality of your life, I am here to support you.

I shall give you pointers towards new opportunities and a session with me will provide you with the confidence required to take the next steps.