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Rich Man’s Poor Daughter

Book by Ritu Sharma

Ritu was meant to be born! Coming from a very wealthy family and educated in some of India’s finest fee paying schools and colleges, this little girl lived an impoverished life. Just because she was born a Girl! Imagine growing up without your basic needs of comfort, love, affection and attention being met. This little girl was hardly ever validated or praised within her family home despite being a high achieving university graduate and award winning student and actress. She spent her life looking for love and affection, in so doing she married for love against her family and society’s wishes. This decision left Ritu outcast and disinherited. In this book the writer questions Indian society and the issue of family honour; she raises the long term impact of emotional abuse of women and girls. The story examines the dynamics of the relationships she had with her family and her world view. Ritu has found strength from within to empower and heal from her continued heartbreak over her treatment, which was subtle but damaging. A well written easy read which gives an inside view of the life as a girl growing up in Amritsar, India in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and of how she survives her new life in the UK.


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