About Me

Ritu is a women’s empowerment coach. She wishes to help and support other women in their journeys and assist them to realise their true worth. Peace comes to us through the realisation of importance of our existence and self-love. In a world this large, it is easy to get lost and believe that you don’t matter. Her mission is to remind women that they do matter and that they have always mattered!
Ritu organises events for women, creating opportunities for achievement, expression and growth. She wants to be the support/ guidance that she would have appreciated at certain stages of her life when she was emotionally and spiritually lonely.
Ritu aspires to make a difference to the lives of her fellow women and men by helping them to connect with their true self.
Ritu is a TV presenter at an international TV channel and co-hosts an online TV interview series ‘Kindle Your True Power’.
Ritu holds workshops for women and young ladies aged 13-18 for self-development and confidence-enhancement and feels thrilled to see the positive difference these sessions have brought in the personalities of these women. She brings together women from all fields of life and exposes them to passionate, successful women during her speaking events. She is a motivational speaker herself.
‘Rich man’s poor daughter’ is Ritu’s debut book in which she has written her own story through which she challenges the practice of discrimination against women. Through her writing she portrays an exemplary case of self-preservation and unbreakable spirit. At the same time she bravely challenges the norms that keep women’s growth limited.

Let's Talk

Work with me one to one, private and confidential or as part of a small group. The choice is yours. I provide support to people at all phases of their professional and personal life. If you are ready to make the change and open the door to new opportunities, to improve the quality of your life, I am here to support you.
I shall give you pointers towards new opportunities and a session with me will provide you with the confidence required to take the next steps.